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Open Eye Innovations is a solutions company that has tailored our business model to work from the largest companies and federal agency to the smallest business, virtual and brick and mortar.  At Open Eye Innovations, we combine proven methodologies, business processes, technologies with a results driven staff seeking to deliver world class custom solutions through innovation and collaboration.



Enter every project and customer engagement with open eyes and out of the box thinking. 

Our mission is to solve every business problem with a robust and scalable solution, regardless of company or technology. Although we are an IT company our goal is not just to develop IT solutions but to develop customer solutions.  The Open Eye Innovations team will bring a team of talented business and technology experts whose mission is to grow your business by reducing costs and schedules of all our projects, delivering you a clear and defined ROI while providing you first class customer service.



Provide solutions that help people (our customers, teammates and employees) fulfill their dreams.

At Open Eye Innovations we strive to see more than the bottom line, we keep our eyes open in search of the dream that starts every business, every career, every ideal and strive to be enablers of those dreams that by innovation, technology, process, and/or team work.  We want to partner with you to make your dreams come true and by help you achieve your dreams we are achieving our dreams.



Open Eye Innovations is guided by the following seven core values that helps us achieve our Mission and Vision.

  • The customer is always right so treat them that way
  • The way to ensure failure is to NOT Innovate
  • Change is not easy for everyone, be diplomatic brokers of change for our company and our customers
  • Integrity is integral to everything we do
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