Spark Tank

What is the OEI Spark Tank?


The Spark Tank is where we take ideals that spark in the minds of our staff or customers and build them in to the bright ideals, implementations and/or projects.  At Open Eye Innovations we have learned that all fires and empires begin with a SPARK!



As a small business we understand that our ability to change and adapt to technology, trends and the changing world is one of our biggest assets.  It allows us to guide our customers to tools and technologies that will enable them to become or continue as industry leaders. The Spark tank also provides the agility to rapidly spin up new environments enabling to shift focus as our customers need us to.



Therefore we have built innovation into our culture.  Everything we do is about innovating, streamlining and reducing our customers bottom line. We enable our customers to exceed their goals by integrating new technology and process into our projects making what seemed unattainable as common place.  Everything thing we do in enabled by mixing technology people and process into every project.  Contact us Today and let us help you turn your Spark into a Flame.

Leading Edge Technology
Our cloud based Spark Tank is constantly adding, testing, and implementing the latest technology to our customers
Diverse Staff
Our Spark Tank staff is purposely staffed with employees with divergent backgrounds and schools of thought in order to foster innovative and out of the box solutions
Research & Development Process
We have a unique proprietary R&D process that allows to maintain two to three parallel projects executing at all times
Marketing and Promotions – NEW!!
We were just focusing on executing and building the projects until we found our customers where having trouble marketing and promoting their products and services.  The Spark Tank is working creative marketing plans to expedite the adoption of products and services!